40 of the Most Fashionable NBA Players

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Fashion has been an integral part of basketball since the NBA began relaxing its style guidelines in the mid-2000s. Players like Allen Iverson ran so superstars like Russell Westbrook could fly. Since then, there's been no looking back. If you're a superstar in the league, you're expected to dress like it. If you're on the come up? Same deal. Very few NBA players bring less than their "A" game when dressing before and after games.

Stars like LeBron James and James Harden have made pre and post-game outfits almost as exciting as the game itself. Fashion has always been apart of the NBA — just look at the shoes — but with the rise of social media, it's a lot easier to follow along as your favorite players show off their biggest fits. Below, you'll find 40 of the most stylish players the NBA has to offer.